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Purpose (problem description)

This page is designed to assist with troubleshooting errors while running an analysis on Mainframe code which results in a crash or hang during the analysis step.

Check out the following documentation pages for reference on the analysis configuration:

Refer to one of the following pages that provides the description of the generated analysis log file while running the DB2 UDB analyzer:

Observed in CAST AIP


Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS (tick)

Step by Step scenario

  1. Deliver Mainframe Code via the DMT process.
  2. Run the analysis of the code.
  3. Analysis of Mainframe objects crashes.
Action Plan

Perform the following actions:

  1. Pre-analysis Source Code examination
    1. Check and remove any files greater than 1 MB from the analysis.  
      • Analyzing any very large files can lead to out of memory situations as CAST is trying to not only put this file, but any associated copybook files into memory. 
      • Very large files can correspond to a large amount of links and objects which can exceed memory. 
      • Generated files which may not be in a format suitable for analysis are often very large in size. 
      • You can start with removing them and then add key ones if you need to try to get some of them into the analysis.
    1. If possible, check for any files which might have binary zeros at the end of them.  These files are ones which most likely had problems with the extraction from the mainframe environment.
  2. After an analysis crash (sometimes with this message "Unexternalized exception - Message is 'access violation"), you can check the following:

    • Perform the pre-analysis remediations on the source code if you have not done them yet
    • Check the analyzer log to see the last file that was analyzed and remove that from the analysis to see if it may now succeed without it.
    • You can also identify problem files by dichotomy. This can potentially be time consuming depending on the size of your source code.
      • Split the analyzed files into smaller groups and analyze those groups
        • Proper splitting techniques can be found in the CAST documentation.  For the 7.3. release, this can be found in the 'Mainframe - Application Qualification Specifics' section which is in the 'Application Qualification and Version Delivery' section.
      • Continue to split the failing job into smaller groups until you can identify a problem file.
      • Provide the problem file and associated copybooks to CAST for analysis
  3. Select the page from below list of crash pages, if the problem you are facing does not match any case listed in this page, contact CAST Technical Support with below 496337075.

Relevant input

 Provide the following for investigation of this issue:

Impact on Analysis Results

Impact of issue: Analysis crashes with error message in the analysis log
Impact after applying solution: Analysis runs fine.


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