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This page will guide you to troubleshoot the problems you may face while running the analysis.

For more information, refer to:  

  • Official documentation 
  • Online-help : CAST Management Studio - Help > How To > Regular audience > Run analysis only
  • TKB page for INFORMATION GUIDE > CMS Snapshot Analysis
Observed in CAST Extension
CFamily-1.x-2.x (tick)

*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS (tick)
Action Plan

Perform the following actions:

  1. If there are massive error and warning messages in the analysis log file, you must resolve them. You can follow the CMS Snapshot Analysis - Run Analyzer - Non Fatal Error - CPP with Extension - Remedy the errors read in the analysis log file page.

  2.  If the crash occurs after remediating the warnings and errors in the analysis logs:

      1. Get the latest preprocessed file. It is located in %TEMP%\CAST\CAST\<version>\CAnalyzer2\PreprocessedFile.cpp.
      2. Reproduce the issue with the pre-processed file by creating a user defined C/CPP analysis unit and providing the path of this pre-processed file and running it.
        1. If the issue is reproduced, provide CAST Technical Support with only this file in order to reproduce the issue and to investigate
        2. If the issue cannot be reproduced, then provide CAST Technical Support the below Relevant Input in order to reproduce the issue and to investigate.


Relevant input

  1. Sherlock (CAST Support Tool (CST) - alias Sherlock) : Export Logs, Export CAST Database, Export Configuration Files. 
  2. Source Code : It is required if the pre-processed file is not enough to reproduce the problem.
  3. Explanation about the problem and supporting screenshots

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