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In this phase, snapshot preparation takes place in central base. Central base is updated with snapshot name, date, time and other information. Generation of modules takes places and CSV jobs are generated.

For official documentation 8.0.x : Snapshot Generation

In this page, the different logs lines corresponding to the Prepare Snapshot is  listed with functional and technical explanation of the logs that it generates.

The Loglines generated by this task is shown below

and also consists of the following sub-tasks which also show up in the CAST-MS logs:

As well as a sql tool which can be run after Module Generation:

CMS Snapshot Analysis - SQL Tool - Error Free Logs - CAST AIP 83

Excerpt Macro - Logs - Full Analysis Image for 83

CAST-MS-<date>-<time>.log.txt log file

Prepare Snapshot

INF: 2018-04-20 16:43:52: starting Task Prepare snapshot in "test830_local"

... <sub-tasks - see pages above>

INF: 2018-04-20 16:44:06: ending Task Prepare snapshot in "test830_local"

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