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This page provides the execution summary of the snapshot generation process, duration of process, operating system, machine name, Number of Computed Quality Rules , Analysis duration ,Number of modules ,Number of active analysis units,Number of inactive analysis units, Total Number of analysis units , Number of saved objects.

In this page, the different logs lines corresponding to the Execution Summary is  listed with functional and technical explanation of the logs that it generates.

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CASTMS-<date>-<time>.log.txt log file

Execution Summary

INF: 2018-04-20 16:47:02: starting Task Execution Summary
INF: 2018-04-20 16:47:02: Task message: No Task message
INF: 2018-04-20 16:47:02: Log file: C:\ProgramData\CAST\CAST\Logs\webgoat\Take_a_snapshot_of_705\CAST_MainTask_SummaryLog-20180420-164702.txt
INF: 2018-04-20 16:47:02: ending Task Execution Summary


Status: Execution succeeded

Start: Fri Apr 20 16:39:21 CDT 2018
OS Version: Windows 8.1 (version 6.3)
Machine name: jmce7440w7
Software Version: CAST 8.3.3 ( Build 1591 )
Task: Take a snapshot of the application
Total duration: 7m41s
Nb of Computed Quality Rules: 260

-- Statistics for application webgoat --
Analysis duration: 4m29s
Nb of modules: 1
Nb of active analysis units: 2
Nb of inactive analysis units: 0
Total nb of analysis units: 2
Nb of saved objects: 3287

Summary is saved at C:\ProgramData\CAST\CAST\Logs\webgoat\Take_a_snapshot_of_705\CAST_MainTask_SummaryLog-20180420-164702.txt

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