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Problem Description

After running Configure from migrated databases, some of the modules are missing under some applications of the delivery Unit.

Applicable in CAST Version
8.0.x (error) 
Action Plan
  1. Check If missing modules are are user defined module(s) or module(s) resulting from analysis result
    1. Connect with Analysis Manager into the user Knowledge base
    2. Edit the Snapshot Preparation Assistant Job
    3. In the Modules page, get the list of modules of the KB and their type
    4. Check if the missing modules (under the Delivery Unit) are user Screenshot of Modules page on the Snapshot Preparation Assistant showing all modules created in the KB
      Following screenshot shows that module A_VB is module resulting from Analysis Job and the Module B is user defined module.

  2. If the missing modules are resulting from analysis jobs, this is Normal behavior . This is a normal behavior : When performing ‘Configure from migrated database’, only user defined modules are supposed to be displayed under Modules section of the Delivery Unit in the management data base.So, If all modules attached to the ADG Admin portfolio tree are resulting from analysis jobs and they are not user defined modules created via snapshot preparation assistant, it’s normal to not see them in the delivery unit. But be sure that these modules will be considered in the snapshot generation and will appear under adequate application in the dashboard.

  3. If the missing modules are user defined modules contact CAST Technical Support with the following Relevant Input
  4. For reproducing the issue CAST Technical Support should
    1. Import the knowledge base and central repository dumps

      2) Open Cast-MS connecting to the Management Base and Synchronize services. The update will be automatically done in Central Base

    3. Create Management database
    4. Connect with CAST-MS to the Management database and create a Delivery Unit
    5. In the Delivery Unit Editor, add the KB as analysis manager and the central as dashbaord service
    6. Run Configure from migrated databases

Relevant Input

  1. Dump of Knowledge base
  2. Dump of central base
  3. Screenshot of the Delivery Unit after running Configure from Migrated databases
Notes / Comments

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