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Purpose (problem description)
 This page will help you to troubleshoot issues related to incorrect content in the module.
Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Action Plan
  1. Make sure that you have configured your module according to your need. Navigate in the page Focus on Module content to get more information about how to configure your User Defined Module.
  2. Use the queries that are described in the page SQL Queries - CAST Knowledge Base - Queries on Module - How to cross check the results of Module Filters to check the content of your module depending of your configuration filters.
  3. If the configuration has been reviewed, and the queries are returning the expected results, navigate to the below pages

  4. If the below point does not help you resolve the issue, contact CAST Technical Support with the following Relevant input in order to help Support to reproduce the issue.
Notes / Comments

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