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When adding a new version of a given application with the Delivery Manager Tool that is opened from the AIC Portal, it could occur that the DMT task is stuck and never ends as shown below:


*Observed in CAST AIP
*Observed on RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)



Action Plan

When Opening the AIC Portal for a given application, the AIC Portal Delivery folder will load the content of the delivery folder defined in the web.xml file of the AIC Portal WAR :


The issue is due to the fact that the Delivery Manager Tool is not able to create a version from AIC Portal. The solution is to create the New Version from CAST MS.


If you are not allowed to package the source code from CAST MS but only from AIC Portal, add a new version from CAST MS without packaging and follow the below points :

  1. Open CAST Management Studio for the given application and add a new version

  2. When the DMT is opened, click Quit and save the configuration :

    The version will not be delivered as below :

  3. Go to the Delivery Folder that is defined in the CAST Management Settings :

  4. Copy the content of the delivery folder of the given application to the AIC Portal Delivery folder
  5. Open the AIC Portal, and the new version will be visible.
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