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In Imaging, the SQL object types seen in imaging may be different than those seen in other CAST products.

For example, in the screen shot below, both images for DB2 and ANSI tables and procedures are seen which are not the same as seen in Enlighten:

For more information on Imaging, refer to:

Applicable Platform or <Sub Platform Version>

Platform or <Sub Platform Version>


1.10 (tick) 
1.9 (tick) 
1.8 (tick) 
1.7 (tick) 

Imaging when displaying object images creates a type to display based on properties available in the SQL analyzer to show the type of the vendor variant of the SQL identified (such as DB2 or ANSI as shown in the screenshot above). 

The types show up in other CAST products as simply 'Table', but Imaging provides enhanced information.


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