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 When connecting to the Investigation-Application Drilldown page in the dashboard, the view does not show any values

Observed in CAST AIP
Observed on RDBMS
Step by Step Scenario
  1. Run a snapshot
  2. Connect to the Dashboard
  3. Go to Investigation-Application Drilldown page and observe the issue
Action plan
  1. The issue can occur if there was an access to the dashboard when generating the snapshot leading to incorrect content in the CB due to parallel access to some tables. to solve the issue run a re-consolidation on the last snapshot. If this do not solve the issue then go to the next step
  2. Check if the central base contain one of the following inconsistencies:
    1. DSS_OBJECT_DIAG_DETAILS does not contain any violation for the current snapshot:

      SELECT Count(1) 
      FROM   dss_object_diag_details 
      WHERE  snapshot_id IN (SELECT Max(snapshot_id) 
                             FROM   dss_snapshots) 

      Query result example:


      If the above query returns 0 then DSS_OBJECT_DIAG_DETAILS does not contain any violation for the current snapshot:

    2. Previous snapshot id is the same for all snapshots:

      SELECT prev_snapshot_id 
      FROM   adg_delta_snapshots 
      ORDER  BY prev_snapshot_id 

       Query result example:

      -- 1
      -- 2

      If the query above returns duplicated rows then the previous snapshot id is the same for several snapshots:

    If one of the above checks are verified then as a workaround execute the content of fix.sql on your central base then restart tomcat application, note that this issue was fixed since Cast AIP 7.3.6. If the workaround donot solve your issue then contact  CAST Technical Support with Relevant input

 Webcall 27340, Ticket # 9397

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