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Problem Description

When you try to change the password for CFO user, you get the following error:

"User cannot be saved since it is not authorized to access the requested information of frame(s): FRAME_PORTAL_EFP_VIEW"

This issue occurs because CFO user requires EFP license.
(as for any other configurations , you need at least one snapshot to be able to manage users, so even with an EFP licence the user will face the same issue, if no snapshot is computed).
This limit (configure user only when there is a snapshot) will be overcome in EVIAN

Applicable in CAST Version
Action Plan

We can use the following work around to resolve the issue before EVIAN version:

- Compute EFP metrics prior to change the password
- If no EFP needed by the customer, this frame is useless, delete this user or change the frame
- If wants this frame despite there is no EFP, customer may send to CAST its new password, we may send him back the crypted password and the SQL query needed to inject the new password

Notes / Comments

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