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This page gives the steps to identify the ID of a Quality Rule

Applicable in CAST Version
8.3.x (tick)
8.2.x (tick)
8.1.x (tick)
8.0.x (tick)
Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server (tick)
Microsoft SQL Server (tick)
CSS2 (tick)

You can get the ID of the quality rule in two ways -

From official documentation

Search for the Quality Rule in the list present in the official documentation - QRL - Metrics and Quality Rules listed in alphabetical order

Select the quality rule and the page will display the ID of the quality rule under the label Metric ID


From the URL of the CED

URL - http://<host:port>/<web_application>/?frame=FRAME_PORTAL_INVESTIGATION_VIEW&metric=<metric_ID>&snapshot=<snapshot_id>&tcid=<technical_criteria_ID>#objectCode

In the below example 7908 is the ID of the Quality rule - Avoid Unreferenced Methods

Figure 1

From Assessment Model

  1. Launch CAST Management Studio
  2. Go to Assessment Model
  3. Search for the Quality Rule
  4. The value in the External ID column gives the ID of the Quality Rule

Figure 2




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