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Purpose (problem description)

This page helps to troubleshoot issues with Exclusion on AED. The view dedicated to Exclusion items :


Observed in CAST Version



Observed in RDBMS



CSS4 (tick)
CSS3 (tick)
CSS2 (tick)
Step by Step scenario
  1. Deploy dashboard
  2. Try to add exclusions
Action Plan

If you are unable to add exclusion items and getting the above error then please perform the below actions :

  1. This issue is observed when deployed war has corruptions in it. This corruption might have  occurred due to some network issue or memory issue while downloading/deploying the war.
  2. So to resolve this issue please deploy a new war and configure the same.You can refer Deployment
  3. If the above steps do not solve your issue contact CAST Technical Support. with the following Relevant input 


Relevant input


Ticket # 31548

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