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This page will outlines the syntax to be followed while defining your path for the Delivery folder in AIC Portal.
Due to some windows limitation, AIC portal does not function when any Source Code Delivery is be set to a locally mapped folder on a remote network share.
For ex: X:\DELIVERY where X is a remote drive.

Applicable in CAST Version
Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server(tick)
Microsoft SQL Server(tick)
  • You can use the following syntax depending on the location of the Source Code Delivery Folder:
TypeExample syntaxNotes
Drive letter pathD:\CAST\DELIVERY (folder local to the host machine)

Please use this syntax when the CAST AIC Portal and the Delivery folder are located on the SAME machine. In this situation, always enter an absolute path to the local drive containing the Delivery folder (for example D:\ CAST\DELIVERY).

Please DO NOT use a mapped drive path (created using the Windows GUI or the subst Windows command) that points to a folder on the local machine or to a remote network share - doing so can cause an error that will prevent the CAST AIC Portal from functioning.

UNC path\\HOST\CAST\DELIVERY (folder on a remote network share)Please use this syntax only when the CAST AIC Portal and the Delivery folder are located on different machines. Note that forward slashes will also function.

NOTE: Please take into account the following notes about required permissions for the Delivery folder:

  • In a Windows deployment, the Windows user used to run the Application Server must have read/write access permissions on the Delivery folder
  • Any user that wishes to interact with the Delivery folder from the CAST Management Studio (for example, when Accepting a delivery, using the Set as current version option or when running the CAST Delivery Manager Tool from the CAST Management Studio) will require read/write access permissions on the Delivery folder


Till 7.2.3, the documentation does not advise users not to use mapped drive, hence many issues were reported following the AIC portal failing to launch.
As per the investigations done, we concluded that mapped drive are not supported as Delivery path.
Documentation has been updated in 7.2.4
Please refer to Webcall-28353

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