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This page provides information on how to add an application in CAST-MS and link the created application to the AIC Portal. 

This process should only be used as a temporary workaround in cases where the AIC Portal is not working even when correctly configured and producing no specific error like in the screenshot below:

For more information on the AIC Portal, refer to:

Applicable CAST Version

8.3 (tick)

Applicable RDBMS
Oracle Server N/A
Microsoft SQL Server N/A

Please follow the steps below:

  1. Run the following command line to start CAST-MS in Integrator mode :

    <YOUR CAST INSTALLATION FOLDER>\CAST-MS.exe -audience Integrator
  2. Then right click in the applications tab and you should see an option to create and application in CAST MS:
  3. In CAST MS, you need to retrieve two data : Application name and its uuid (uuid is in the tab Notes):
  4. Once done, you have to close CAST MS and run the DMT on the application created using a command line.

    <Your CAST Installation folder>\DeliveryManagerTool\DeliveryManagerTool.exe -serverurl "<URL TO AIC PORTAL>"

    In this case, the url for the AIC Portal is http://localhost:8080/CAST-AICP8311 :
  5. Once DMT is open. Click the + button and fill your credentials:
  6. Once connected, select the application you need to see in AIC Portal, you need the name and the application uuid  from CAST-MS that was obtained in the previous steps:
  7. Click Finish
  8. Stop Tomcat
  9. In the Tomcat installation folder, go to the WAR file where AIC Portal is deployed (in this example it was CAST-AICP8311). Then empty all files and folders in the database folder:
  10. Start Tomcat again and connect to the AIC Portal, the application should now be available.

 Ticket # 19740

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