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  • Enhancement in display for results generated by the OMG Technical Debt

Can be used with:

  •  8.3.3
  • UI - Improvements to the Roles/Data Authorization interface
  • Dashboard updated for the new release of the extension "OMG Technical Debt"


Feature Improvements

Support for new CTDM extensionDashboard has been updated to provide improved display for results generated by the OMG Technical Debt extension, v 2.x (Refer: ). The Security Dashboard now includes (out of the box) a "Technical Debt (OMG) tile. By default this tile shows ISO-5055 index data, but it can be manually configured to show TQI or CISQ Index data if necessary.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3950Session alert dialog box displays the time left seconds in negative.


New Features

Dashboards updated in preparation for new release of the OMG Technical Debt extensionThe Dashboards have been updated in preparation for a new release of the OMG Technical Debt extension which will measure Technical Debt using CTDM (Contextual Technical Debt Measure) - a union of AIP and ISO metrics.
UI - Improvements to the Roles/Data Authorization interfaceThe Roles and Data Authorization interface has been updated to include the ability to assign roles/data authorizations to a "Profile". Profiles (containing the roles and data authorizations) are then assigned to users/groups directly. See and

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
DASHBOARDS-3926Update (correct) the error message for "become admin" failure from other machine.
DASHBOARDS-3908DATAMART: Optimize app-findings-measures extraction.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
32072Dashboard is not accessible after setting a search filter in main page after login.
31584Re-using the cast_dashboards schema across two dashboards is not working correctly.
31722Dashboard fails to start when CSS is configured in SSL mode.
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