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Progress window - missing dependencies

Use the Progress window to check if any missing dependencies were detected in your source code during the analysis (i.e. code that is calling another piece of code that cannot be found). If any are found a warning icon will be displayed on the Configure section:

This sort of message should be fully investigated because it means that results may not be coherent. Clicking the View Log option to go straight to the log file to see the missing dependencies alerts. See also Validate dependency configuration.

Log messages

To check the logs, you can click the View log option in the Progress window:

Alternatively, you can move to the Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click it to access the Application - Overview page:

Then click the Logs option:

Choose the Run analysis log and click View log:

Investigate each log, especially those with error or warning marks:

Review the more common technology level warnings / errors as described in the table below.

  • Warning messages will be flagged with a yellow triangle - these require further investigation:

Click to enlarge

  • GUID duplicate found - this message in the logs indicates that duplicate objects have been found during the analysis (perhaps two identical source code files have been delivered and only one is used). If this message is seen, analysis results may be inaccurate for the objects in question and you should therefore check for any duplicate files and if any are found, remove them, re-deliver the source code and action a new analysis.
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