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This guide provides instructions to those using CAST Console about how to onboard their application source code and obtain results that can be consulted in:

  • CAST Imaging
  • CAST Dashboards

There are two different onboarding methods currently available in CAST Console: these are known as with Fast Scan and without Fast Scan Both methods achieve the same thing - results that can be consulted by end-users, but the steps that are required differ:

NameAvailable sinceSupport statusDescription
With Fast Scan2.3.0Beta

Divided into two main steps:

  • Onboard source code and run Fast Scan
  • Run analysis and publish results

See Workflow - Application onboarding with Fast Scan.

Without Fast Scan1.xFully supported

Divided into two different approaches:

  • Standard onboarding - a one shot process to obtain results quickly
  • Step-by-step onboarding - all steps actioned manually one after the other

See Workflow - Application onboarding without Fast Scan.

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