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Use the  option in the left hand panel (see User Guide - GUI - Menus and Icons) to add specific tags to specific items (objects) - these tags can then be used as a search term to find items of interest more quickly. Tags can be added in the following features at Objects node level view:

Tags can also be associated to Applications in the User Guide - Application to Application dependencies scope from 2.8.0-funcrel, however, these tags are kept separate to tags added at Objects level.

Add tags using the UI

Select the item or items you want to tag and click the tag icon  in the left hand panel - a dialog will display enabling you to add the specific tag you require (if you do not see the tag icon you are likely not working in the correct view):

You are restricted from saving documents with tags having following prefix: Status-, CloudReady -, Containerization -, and StructuralFlaw -. 

Bulk importing tags via .CSV file

It is possible (in CAST Imaging ≥ 2.13) to bulk import tags using a pre-prepared .CSV file. See Admin Center - Bulk importing documents or tags via .CSV file.

Removing tags

To remove a tag:

  • select the item you want to remove the tags from
  • click the tag icon in the side menu bar and click Add
  • remove the tag/tags you do not want:

Tags in item properties

Viewing an item's properties will show the tags associated to the item:

Search via tags

You can use the global application search option to search for all items with a tag or tags:

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