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CAST Imaging has API documentation provided by Swagger. This documentation is interactive and you can test requests directly. The API documentation is accessible via the URL:


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Authorization is required in CAST Imaging ≥ 1.12.

Before you can interactively use the graphical API, you must be authorized:

Authorization requires a user API key, which you can generate using the API. Use the /imaging/login/api/auth option:

Expand it by clicking it, and the choose Try it out:

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Modify the credentials to match your own:

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Then click Execute to run the API:

Scroll down to check the Reponse Headers and find the authentication: bearer item - this value is your API key:

Enter the API key using the Authenticate option:

In CAST Imaging ≥ 2.5, you can generate an API key using the UI - see Admin Center - API key generation and usage.

Using the API interactively

Show the request type you want to test:

Expand the specific request using the buttons on the left:

Then click Try it out:

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