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The toolbar differs slightly depending on the role assigned to your login:

Standard toolbar for all users

Toolbar when working in the Admin Center
(requires ADMIN or SUPER ADMIN roles)

Available options:


This option displays the App Insight panel:

Click to enlarge

This panel provides a general overview of the current application, providing information such as:

  • LOC (line of code) value
  • Total number of nodes
  • Total number of links
  • Total number of transactions
  • Total number of data call graphs
  • Technologies included

In addition, to kick-start the investigation process, various links are provided that will take users direct to a specific view, for example:

  • Investigate Level 5 nodes
  • Display all database objects
  • Display all tables
  • Display table access links
  • etc.

See User Guide - Creating a custom aggregation mode for more information. The custom aggregation mode allows users to create their own aggregation mode and display objects as designed.

Displays the standard Search popup. See User Guide - Search for items.

Displays the Application Information card:

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Application info

  • Lines of Code: This is the value reported by the metric Number of Code Lines (10151) for the entire application.
  • Number of Artifacts: This is the value reported by the metric Number of Artifacts (10152) for the entire application - see By default a maximum of 6 views can be saved. This restriction can be changed in Configuring display preferences. for more information.
  • Number of Decisions Points: This is the value reported by the metric Number of Decision Points (10506) for the entire application.

Taxonomy of Levels

"Taxonomy" information to show how the various "levels" in the application are classified.

  • Abstracted Service level (Level 1)
  • Service level (Level 2)
  • Concept level (Level 3)
  • Technology / Framework level (Level 4)
  • Object Type level (Level 5)

Investigation Path

Shows how to navigate through the various levels:

  • Move down levels >> double click
  • Move back through levels >> SHIFT + double click

Version details

Indicates the version number of the ETL tool used to import the Application into CAST Imaging:

See Admin Center - API key generation and usage.

Only visible to users with the ADMIN or SUPER ADMIN role AND when working in the Admin Center

Allows you to switch to a different Application via a drop down menu.

Admin/User menu:

Admin menuUser menu

Available menu options:

Menu optionDescription
Admin Center

Provides access to the Admin Center. Only displayed when logged in as a user with the ADMIN role. Refer to: Configuration options - Admin Center GUI.

PreferencesProvides access to the Preferences window. Refer to: Configuring display preferences.

Allows you to logout of CAST Imaging.

This icon is only displayed when logged in as a user with the ADMIN role and when working in the Admin Center GUI. Shows the installed release of CAST Imaging and will prompt when the installed release has been superseded:

A link to download the latest release is also available.

This icon is only displayed when logged in as a user with the ADMIN role and when working in the Admin Center GUI. Indicates the current "health" of all CAST Imaging services. A red dot indicates that at least one service is not functioning. Clicking the icon will show the status of all services:

You can use the refresh icon to get a current status update.

If you have not yet configured the source code viewer or your configured CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance is down or not accessible, the Source Code service will show a red dot, indicating an issue.
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