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Items in the current view can be exported in the following formats:

CSVExport list of objects/relationships in CSV format

The following information is exported:

Source FullName
Source Name
Source Type 

Object File Name

Link Direction
Access Link Type
Target FullName
Target Name 
Target Type
Linked Objects
XLSXExport list of objects/relationships in Excel format
JSONExport to text in JSON format

Export to image

Note that when exporting to JPG in v. ≥ 1.6.0, any comments added to the view and the legend will now be visible in the resulting image file.
SVGExport to SVG formatAvailable in CAST Imaging ≥ 2.7.0.

Export action

To export, use the export icon in the left hand User Guide - GUI - Investigate panel:

Then choose the export format - a file in the selected format will then be downloaded automatically in your browser:

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