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Available in ≥ 2.2.0-beta1.


The Application to Application Dependencies scope is a specific view made available for a specific use case: the requirement to view interactions between any of the Applications that have been imported into CAST Imaging:

Each Application is represented by a circular node, the larger the node, the larger the Application (based on the number of lines of code):

The Application to Application Dependencies scope uses the information generated by the Web Services Linker extension. This extension is automatically downloaded and installed as a dependent extension in all CAST AIP analyses. 

Configuring the Application to Application Dependencies scope

Before you can use the Inter Application Dependencies scope, it must be configured by a user with the ADMIN role. See Admin Center - Application to Application Dependencies management for more information about this.

Accessing the 

Application to Application Dependencies scope

When the scope has been configured (see Admin Center - Application to Application Dependencies management), you can access it from the main application entry point:


CAST Imaging will scan the imported Applications to check for specific objects that potentially interact with another object in a different application. Where an interaction exists, a green dotted line between the two applications will be displayed in the view, together with information about the type of interaction that exists (i.e. the specific mechanism used in the source code):

Clicking an interaction between two applications will display the following popup:

  • the total number of interactions (in the top right corner)
  • a clickable list of the interaction types - clicking the type will drill down into the view and show the objects that are interacting, for example (clicking anywhere else in the popup will drill down and show all interactions):


A clickable legend is available that lists all the available interactions in the view:

You can click use this to filter the interactions that are displayed in the view:

Drill down into an Application

Drilling down into an Application (double-click the circular node) will display the specific objects from all other Applications together with the objects from the selected Application that they interact with:

Application details

Single clicking an application will display the properties panel on the left, providing information about the application:

Right click options


Right clicking a node will show a contextual menu:

View ApplicationWill take you direct to the selected Application for further investigation.
Hide nodeUse this to hide the selected node. To unhide, either use the "Undo" option or refresh the page.

Displays information about the Application in the right hand slide in panel:

Right clicking a link between two applications will show a contextual menu:

Hide Link

Enables you to temporarily hide the link between the two applications if required. When a link is hidden, it will be listed in the Admin Center - Application to Application Dependencies management page:

Click to enlarge

To unhide a hidden link, select the check box next to the link and return to the Application to Application Dependencies scope - the link will be restored and removed from the hidden links list.

Note that if you re-run an Application to Application Dependencies scope scan in Admin Center - Application to Application Dependencies management all hidden links will be lost. This behaviour is expected to changed in the future.
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