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Microsoft Windows installed via traditional installer

Step by step

To uninstall CAST Imaging, you can either:

  • run the uninstaller located here:
  • use the Windows Add or remove programs menu:

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Next, accept the Windows User Account Control prompt:

Accept the warning prompt (note that the wording of the prompt may change according to whether you have installed a Service Pack or not):

Choose whether you want to retain the data (Neo4j data) and config folders (customizations) - if you keep these files, CAST Imaging will detect them when you re-install it on the same machine and will re-use them:

The uninstall process will then start:

A message is shown when the uninstall is complete:

What is uninstalled and what isn't?

The uninstall process will remove the following items from the workstation:

  • All Windows Services installed with CAST Imaging will be stopped and deleted
  • All files in %PROGRAMFILES%\CAST\ImagingSystem will be removed

The uninstall process will leave behind certain data and configuration files in the following locations, if you choose to retain them - if not they will be removed:

  • %PROGRAMDATA%\CAST\ImagingSystem
  • %APPDATA%\CAST\ImagingSystem

Docker for Linux/Windows

Using the Docker Installer

There is no uninstall command since the Docker Installer is not installed. If you would like to remove all used and unused CAST Imaging images/containers from Docker, you can run the following commands. Ensure you are running the commands from the folder created when unzipping the extension:

1) Stop CAST Imaging
Linux: ./imaging -s stop
Microsoft Windows: imaging.exe -s stop

2) Remove all stopped and unused images/containers
docker system prune -a

Using the Linux Docker Installer (deprecated)

Run the following command:

1) Stop CAST Imaging
imaging -s stop

2) Uninstall the installer:
imaging -u uninstall

3) Remove all stopped and unused images/containers
docker system prune -a

The following will remain and will need cleaning up manually:

  • the installation folder (/opt/CAST/container-support)
  • the cli tool (/usr/local/bin) in place
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