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These known issues are valid for the current release of CAST Imaging.

Neo4j Windows Service fails to start when Java installation location changes - traditional Windows installer

Due to the way in which the third-party software Neo4j is configured using a hard coded path to the Java installation, if the path to your Java installation changes after CAST Imaging has been installed (for example due to a Java auto-update) then the Neo4j Windows Service will fail to start. Please consider disabling auto Java updates if possible and instead install Java updates manually in to the same existing path. Where this is not possible, uninstalling and re-installing CAST Imaging will resolve the issue.

Source code service fails with "400 Bad Request" network error

If CAST Imaging is failing to display source code for your application objects despite having ensured that the configuration is correct (see Configure the source code viewer) the issue may manifest itself as a "400 Bad Request" in your browser error console. If this is the case, one remediation option that can be attempted is to modify the source code configuration as follows. Edit the following file:

Microsoft Windows

Docker Installer (located in the unzipped Docker Installer extension folder):
server\sourcecode\ or sourcecode\

Add the following line and then restart the CAST Imaging source code service:


Data extraction

At the current time, it is only possible to extract data from an Analysis Service schema which contains one single Application.

GUI limitations

  • Not all objects and links from the Analysis Service schema are loaded in CAST Imaging (i.e. nothing below Java class).
  • Only link types implemented are "references" for links between concept nodes and "call" links between objects (in ≥ 1.10.0, all link types produced during an analysis are available in CAST Imaging).
  • No count of number of objects for Transactions view
  • No double click on Edge on level 5 view for Transactions scope
  • Expand features and double click (Investigation) do not work in saved views
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