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Learn about the deployment of CAST Imaging. This includes understanding what you need to prepare, the installation process and updating/upgrading to new releases.


To successfully deploy CAST Imaging in your organization, it is important to understand:

Installation process

Find out where you can get the installation media for all required packages. All steps in the installation process are then described in full:

  • CAST Imaging
  • AIP Core
  • CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL
  • CAST Console
  • CAST Extend Offline/Proxy

Upgrade process

Information about how to upgrade to a new release. The following components/packages can all be upgraded independently:

  • CAST Console package (including "embedded" Dashboards), AIP Node package and deployed RestAPI war file
  • AIP Core analysis engine on target AIP Nodes
  • Applications to new AIP Core release (schema upgrade)
  • CAST Imaging

Uninstall process

Learn how to uninstall your CAST Imaging instance and completely remove all data.

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