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Which technologies are supported in CAST Imaging?

CAST Imaging currently supports all technologies supported for analysis by AIP Core for analysis, except:

  • Peoplesoft
  • Siebel
  • Adobe Flex
  • PHP
  • Oracle BPEL

More details are available in Covered Technologies.

Unknown TLS state when using CAST Imaging in secure mode

If you have configured CAST Imaging to function in secure mode (see Reconfiguring the front end service to use a secure port) and you are receiving an error as follows:

Unknown TLS state

then it is likely that a third-party service or application (such as an anti-virus or web filter) is interfering with the secure connection between your browser and CAST Imaging - i.e. TLS based connections are being strictly enforced. To resolve the issue, CAST highly recommends configuring an exception in the third-party service or application to allow connections to CAST Imaging unhindered. 

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