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The Docker Installer (com.castsoftware.imaging.docker) provides installation support for CAST Imaging on Docker for Linux and Microsoft Windows. For further information, see CAST Imaging installation for Docker on Linux or Microsoft Windows. Usage is as follows:

CAST Imaging releaseRequired Docker Installer release
≥ 2.11.x≥ 1.2.7-funcrel
≥ 2.10.x≥ 1.2.6-funcrel
2.7.1-funcrel - 2.9.x-funcrel1.2.4-funcrel - 1.2.5-funcrel
2.5.x-funcrel - 2.6.x-funcrel1.2.2-funcrel
2.1.x-funcrel - 2.4.0-funcrel1.1.0-funcrel, 1.2.0-funcrel or 1.2.1-funcrel
2.0.x-funcrel1.1.0-beta1 only

The Docker Installer extension replaces the deprecated Linux Docker Installer extension (com.castsoftware.imaging.linux) which provided support only for installing CAST Imaging on Docker for Linux.

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