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In an Advanced rescan scenario, you now have two choices depending on the source code that you delivered in the new version of your Application:

  • If the new Version contains only updated source code and no new technologies, and/or you made no significant changes to the analysis configuration settings, you can proceed with an analysis, and publish to CAST Imaging.
  • If the new Version contains new technologies, and/or you made changes to the analysis configuration settings, it is more prudent to run an analysis and validate these results before you publish the data in CAST Imaging.


To run an analysis and publish a snapshot, move to the AIP Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click the Run analysis option as highlighted below:

In the subsequent popup, before clicking Run ensure you have chosen the correct options depending on your situation as outlined in the Introduction section above:

Analysis onlyAnalysis + publish to CAST Imaging

At this point the analysis / publish to CAST Imaging process will start:

Analysis onlyAnalysis + publish to CAST Imaging

On completion if you need to validate the analysis please see the following sections from the Advanced onboarding for CAST Imaging section:

If you ran only an analysis, you will now need to publish to CAST Imaging:

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