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The final step is to re-analyze your Application if necessary (only required if you made any configuration changes in previous steps), and then publish the data in CAST Imaging.


To re-analyze and publish to CAST Imaging, move to the AIP Console screen if you are not already there:

Locate the Application and click the Publish to CAST Imaging option as highlighted below:

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In the subsequent popup, before clicking Run, ensure:

  • that the Application Version is set to the version you need. By default, the accepted Version will be set as the version to analyze.
  • that you:
    • choose whether you want enable/disable Run Analysis action (you should already have run an analysis at this stage - see Advanced onboarding for CAST Imaging - run and validate the initial analysis and unless you made any configuration changes, there is no need to run it again - this can save valuable time)
    • enable Publish to CAST Imaging
    • choose whether you want to run an application backup before starting the process (some additional processing time is required while the backup completes). Backups are stored in the following location on the relevant AIP Node and can be managed in Administration Center - Applications - Application Details%PROGRAMDATA%\AipConsole\AipNode\backup\<application_name>\

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The publishing process will then start - the Progress window will indicate that the process is in progress:

The publishing is complete when the Progress window indicates a successful completion:

Check CAST Imaging

Now that the data has been published, first check that the version status of your Application in the AIP Console - Application Management screen is Imaging processed - this means that the source code has been analyzed and uploaded to your CAST Imaging instance. Then use the CAST Imaging icon to take you direct to the specific Application data in CAST Imaging:

You can also access your CAST Imaging instance direct from AIP Console using the option in the top right corner:

Login with a CAST Imaging user that has the CAST Imaging ADMIN role and then check that the Application is present in the Admin Center:

You will also need to grant access to your CAST Imaging users/groups so that they can investigate the application - see Admin Center - Users panel:

Note that it is not necessary to set the correct permissions on an Application in CAST Imaging when you upload it subsequently. The permissions will be retained.
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