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Available in CAST Imaging ≥ 2.5.

API key generation

The API key generation option is available to users with the ADMIN or SUPER ADMIN roles:

When the icon is clicked the following dialog box is displayed:

Click Generate to create a new API key and then use the Copy icon to copy the key to your clipboard. You should save the key in a safe place since the key will never be shown again. If the Generate button is clicked while the dialog box is open, a new key will be generated and the previous key will be deleted automatically and will not be valid anymore.

API key usage

An API key is required if you would like to use CAST Imaging's built in API, either through a custom/third-party client, or using the built-in interactive API:

Custom/third-party client

Ensure you use the API key with the x-api-key header:

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Interactive API

Authorize your connection using your API key:

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