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New Features

UI - Objects level - Focus optionA new right click menu option called "Focus" has been added at Objects level in all scopes. It is available for selected single isolated objects, grouped objects, multiple objects or multiple grouped objects. Choosing "Focus" will display a dedicated view (with vignette) containing the items previously selected (grouped items will be expanded). See
UI - Welcome page - Cloud Migration tilesA new section and tiles has been added to the Welcome Page to support application cloud migration. This new section contains two tiles - Cloud Readiness and Containerization Insights, clicking on which users can view cloud migration blockers for their application and the associated objects where these blockers exist. See and This information is generated in conjunction with CAST Highlight.

Feature Improvements

UI - Legend - Search mechanismA search field has been added to the Legend panel on the right hand side of the main screen. It allows you to perform a search on the item name and is available in the Objects tab and functions for Objects, External Objects, Tags, Relationships, and Applications/Objects (in the Application to Application Dependencies scope). Refer:
UI - Welcome Page - Version numberVersion number of the selected application is displayed in the Application info section in the Welcome page. For apps without version number ‘-’ is displayed. Refer:
UI - Search in view - Object full nameThe search string now works on "object full name" as well as the "object name". Refer:
UI - Roles management - Select all applicationsIf all applications are selected for a non-admin role, the drop-down will display “All applications” instead of listing all the applications. Refer:
UI - Legend - Sub-linksIn relationships legends, sub-links are added. You can now show/hide the sub-links under the main-link. You can also individually show/hide the sub-links. Refer:
UI - Pagination dropdown - Search panel result displayAn option has been provided to set the limit for the number of search results to be displayed. Setting the limit to 500 will display 500 objects at once, and for each scroll the next 500 results in the list are displayed. Selecting "All" displays all the results. This option is available in the search panel available in Add Linked Objects results, Application to Application Dependencies search, Global object search and Selective search/Drilldown search. Refer:
UI - Global Search - Custom propertiesA new Configure option is available in the Properties panel at Object level for users with the ADMIN or SUPER ADMIN role. It allows object properties to be added to those available in the global search. Refer: and
UI - Admin page - Roles panelA change has been made to ensure that the four default roles provided with CAST Imaging (Super Admin, Admin, Architect and User) cannot be deleted nor can the resource permissions be modified. Refer:
UI - Admin page - Users panelA change has been made to make it possible to edit assigned roles for multiple users in one go (previously this was not possible) by selecting all or some user and clicking on the edit icon. Refer:
UI - Reports - New reports to identify patterns and roadblocks in modernisationA new Report under References called "Most Referenced Data Objects" is added which pulls only the most referenced data objects and a new Report under Application called "Lines of Code Per Technology Artifact" is added which gives Application Info, Technology vs LOC, a link to see LOC per artifact for each technology, where LOC per technology is also provided. Refer:
UI - App to App view - Enable App to App View selector panelA new application selector panel has been enabled when accessing the Application to Application Dependencies scope. Clicking the "App to App Dependencies "option from either the main application entry point/page or from the application dropdown from the header, a sidebar is displayed with the list of applications available (selected by an admin user in the admin centre). You can select any single application, multiple applications or all the applications to view their App to App dependencies. Your selection will remain persistent (even if you logout). Refer:
UI - Legend - Third-party object property information via CAST HighlightNew object property information has been added to the Legend (available on the right hand side of any view) for external (third-party) objects: name, version and age of the third-party component and also whether any CVEs are active against the component. This information is provided via integration with CAST Highlight therefore the application must have been analyzed with CAST Console 2.4 (or later) and with the com.castsoftware.highlight2mri extension. In addition, the CAST Highlight settings must have been populated in CAST Console. Lastly, when using CAST Imaging in a Docker environment, this feature requires the ≥ 1.2.10-funcrel Docker Installer ( See
UI - Application to Application Dependencies scope - Properties panelWhen drilling down from an application in the Application to Application Dependencies scope to Object level, the Properties panel in the Legend now displays whether the selected object is present in any Saved Views (at the bottom of the Properties panel in the "Associated to" section). Previously the ability to see presence in Saved Views was not available in this scope. See

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
IMAGSYS-6125Fixes an issue related to Tutorial window. When enabled, the Tutorial window is displayed for both admin and non-admin users.
IMAGSYS-5992Fixes an issue where drilling to methods view in App to App was breaking UI with the following Console error: “Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'getData')”.
IMAGSYS-5877Fixes an issue, where drilling on the same node was not triggering API call and displaying an unending loading icon. Now, A pop-up message 'You are trying to view the objects of same node' message is displayed.
IMAGSYS-6910Fixes an issue where Reference relationship was displayed in transaction objects. A filter is added for removing extra links for transaction and data call graph.
IMAGSYS-6886Fixes an issue wherein switching between “App to App” and “application properties panel” was displaying the following message: 'Don’t have access to this application'. Now, clicking on Welcome page icon takes the user to selected application’s Welcome page.
IMAGSYS-6885Fixes an issue where grouping of nodes in “App to App” dependency was breaking the UI. After the fix, when grouping of nodes is done in “App to App” dependency following message is displayed: 'Cannot group concept node'.
IMAGSYS-6884Fixes an issue related to "Welcome" page where selecting a transaction from properties panel was displaying two messages.
IMAGSYS-6882Fixes an issue where ungrouping of grouped objects and undo-redo were not working properly.
IMAGSYS-6864Fixes an issue wherein the user had to manually search the bookmark when small resolution like 1920*1080 or less was used. Now, when displaying source code, user can scroll to the bookmark.
IMAGSYS-6856Fixes an issue related ‘App to App’ wherein Application property was not set on some SOS objects.
IMAGSYS-6848Fixes an issue where checking the ‘Select all’ applications in role tab was not updating the list.
IMAGSYS-6783Allowing input is expected. If user types other than the expected list, the search will return null.
IMAGSYS-6776Animation is removed for Transaction and Data call graph levels (level 4 and 5), hence saves loading time.
IMAGSYS-6753Fixes an issue wherein searching the same transaction twice (or second time) was not working.
IMAGSYS-6665Fixes an issue related to undo-redo getting enabled for remove nodes. Undo option is enabled but the message "no actions to undo" is displayed. Undo-redo for removing nodes is available only in custom scopes.
IMAGSYS-6606Fixes an issue related to nodes. After the fix, Move to New Node and Existing Node works properly in Custom Aggregation.
IMAGSYS-6558Fixes an issue related to downloading of ongoing process logs. After the fix, user can now download ongoing import logs on any tile view in admin center.
IMAGSYS-6557Fixes an issue related to permission rows. After the fix, permission rows are sorted.
IMAGSYS-6534Fixes an issue related to the Data Call Graph filter. On opening advance filter, by default, WITH (WITH Output) is displayed, so on opening advance filter data is updated. Since both data is synced DCG dropdown is also updated.
IMAGSYS-6405Fixes an issue, wherein navigating from custom view properties panel was neither selecting DCG or Application. After the fix, Data call graph (DCG) is selected while navigating from properties panel.
IMAGSYS-6431Fixes an issue where App to App drill down was not working on links.
IMAGSYS-6397Fixes an issue wherein numeric text boxes were allowing character 'e' in callhiearchy /Pathfinder.
IMAGSYS-6351Fixes an issue related undefined API calls failing due to 'undefined' appName.
IMAGSYS-5561Fixes an issue related to sorting. After the fix, application list remains sorted after importing or deleting an application.
IMAGSYS-5447Fixes an issue related to pathfinder. After the fix, selecting multiple nodes and right clicking is not displaying pathfinder option.
IMAGSYS-5351Fixes the false positives in resolving App to App Dependencies for Angular Http Services to Spring MVC Operation.
IMAGSYS-6919Fixes the missing LOC text in the Welcome page. Technologies vs Lines of Code did not show LOC.
IMAGSYS-6923Fixes an animation issue for tutorial use case.
IMAGSYS-6679Fixes an issue wherein some external libraries were not coming from Welcome page. After the fix, nodes which start with "API" and without API both are displayed.
IMAGSYS-6944Fixes an issue wherein closing the Focus View and moving back to Objects Level was showing blank vignette.
IMAGSYS-6945Fixes an issue wherein Configure Properties was not appearing on navigating directly to “Objects Level” from “Investigate Panel”.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
38510Fixes an issue wherein Imaging UI was not displaying any error message to the user in case of request timeout.
39013Fixes an issue wherein “Delete Edge” was displayed instead of “Delete link” after creating a link from the custom node.
38723Fixes an issue wherein the following error message was displayed by Imaging: "Unable to view source code" when an application was present in 2 different tenants with same name and different aliases.
38714Fixes an issue wherein the following error was displayed "Datasource doesn't exist undefined" when trying to view source code of objects from “App to App” dependencies view.
38475Fixes an issue wherein user was unable to view the source code for most of the Applications.
38260Fixes an incorrect login page issue, after session timeout Imaging now redirects to correct login page in SAML mode.
38437Fixes an issue where attempting to drill down to Object level in the Data Call Graph scope was causing the following message to be displayed: “no node to display”.
38173Fixes an issue wherein some external objects were not visible in CAST Imaging due to a corrupt file path.
36557Fixes an issue where links between two layers were not visible in CAST Imaging.
38724Fixes an issue where Neo4j was crashing due to out of memory when deleting any big applications in CAST Imaging.
100000Fixes an issue where nodes added at different levels through internal configuration files were not properly configured.
38514Fixes an issue where CAST Imaging export is stuck at data call graph identification step for more than a day.
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