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After upgrading to 2.12.0-funcrel, one new feature and one bug fix require the re-import and re-analysis/re-import of existing applications:

  • the new Welcome page introduced for all applications ( includes a Line of Code count for the application. This LOC count is based on the results of the extension com.castsoftware.coremetrics, therefore if you need to see LOC count in the new Welcome page, you will need to re-analyze the application ensuring that the com.castsoftware.coremetrics ( extension is installed (this extension is force-installed in Console 2.4.0 or above) and then re-import into CAST Imaging.

  • an internal bug fix was included in this release that ensures that object properties for GDPR/PCI-DSS are correctly handled (searches on these object properties in previous releases were not functioning correctly). As such, if you are actively using search results from GDPR/PCI-DSS object properties, you will need to re-import relevant applications.

New Features

UI - Provides user an option to view current view or application scope callers/calleesUsers will see an option 'Scope of callers/callees' in the left panel. This can be either current view (Transaction/Data Call Graph/Modules/Architecture layer/Services) or Application. By default current view is selected. This option helps user to get callers/callees of current view only, or of all callers/callees.
UI - Add Welcome and Guide pageA new application landing page has been added to Imaging. The new insight page is displayed by default when a user connects and selects an application. Refer:

Feature Improvements

UI - New popup message at Module, Architecture and Service sub-objects levelA new popup message, "You are currently viewing all the sub-objects in the application for the selected object", is now shown after drilldown to the sub-objects level (i.e. double-clicking an object at Object level) for Module, Architecture and Service scopes. This is to ensure that users are aware that there are no further sub-objects for the selected object. See for example.
UI - New "Expand all" option for grouped nodes (pentagon) in Children + caller/callee modeIn order to bring consistency with Communities drill down options, an "Expand all" option has been added to grouped nodes (depicted as pentagon shaped nodes). These nodes may be shown when using the Children + caller/callee drill down mode in the Application scope (with CAST Taxonomy perspective). Previously the same action was achieved by double clicking the node. See
UI - Caller/callee community node badge differentiationWhere the "Children + caller/callee, group by communities" expand option is in use, any grouped caller/callee community nodes will now be identified with an additional "community" badge located to the bottom left of the node icon. Previously these types of nodes only used their standard technology badge and it was therefore difficult to know that these were also community type grouped nodes. See
UI - Insert feature (Text and Rectangle) - ImprovementsThe Insert feature (Text and Shape) has been been improved to provide a better user experience. For text inserts, it is now possible to change the font style (bold, italics and underline), font color and font size. For shapes, circles (as well as rectangles) can now be added and it is possible to configure the fill color and the border color of the shape. It is also now possible to edit either the text or shape once it has been created. See
UI - Allow double click on nodes in Level-4, relationships, and canvas on Transactions/DataCallGraph/Services/Modules/Architecture layer scope.The double click on nodes in Level-4 helps users to navigate to next level with unrelated objects. Double click on canvas will help to move to next level and CTRL + double click on canvas will help to move back one level.
UI - App to App dependencies - Save a viewWhen using the App to App Dependencies scope, the "Save view" functionality has now been enabled. Along with text and shapes, users may save and update views, just as with standard application views. See and
UI - Admin Center - Download Import LogsA new column entitled "Import Logs" will be available in the Applications panel in the Admin Center allowing users to download the log files related to the process of importing the application data into CAST Imaging (i.e. via CAST Console, the CAST Imaging UI or ETL tools). See
UI - Path Finder EnhancementsCall Hierarchy option is added which is similar to "I Don't Want to select any target objects" option. Path Finder search is enhanced and now “search for object type” displays only the objects which have relevant paths hence avoids taking the user to an empty canvas. Refer:
UI - Improvements to CAST Taxonomy Level 5In Transaction views, Level 4 and Level 5 will have Reduced Call Graph instead of Full Call Graph. Refer:
BE- Enhancement in Objects Report"Object File Name" column is added for all Objects Reports. Refer: and
Display of nodes in CAST Taxonomy Level-5, for .NET appsHigh number of nodes created complexity in the level 5 CAST Taxonomy in case of .NET apps, hence Level-5 was made invisible. From the current release, level-5 view is made available for modernization purpose. To avoid the complexity due to high number of nodes, create one node per level, for example: one node doe "API System.IO", one node for "API System.Drawing and so on.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
IMAGSYS-5964Fixes an issue where Architecture Checker models published as extensions and attached to an application have no results when the application published in CAST Imaging.
IMAGSYS-5891Fixes an issue with the reset/undo button for the hide/remove nodes actions.
IMAGSYS-5878Fixes an issue where the Legend (located on the right hand side) displays object names instead of object types for "External Objects".
IMAGSYS-5846Fixes an issue where nodes grouped as communities are seen on canvas whereas the option "Children + caller/callee" is selected.
IMAGSYS-5794Fixes an issue where the Graph Layout option is empty when navigating from the application login screen.
IMAGSYS-5761Fixes an issue where using the save view option where the view contains communities nodes causes a blank page to be displayed.
IMAGSYS-5753Fixes an issue where expanding a package node and then using the undo action causes the Objects section of the Legends panel to be empty.
IMAGSYS-5736Fixes an issue where an error message "Failed to load graph" is displayed in the UI when double clicking on a node.
IMAGSYS-5722Fixed an issue in the Applications section of the Admin Center where the "ETL Version" column sort order was not working correctly.
IMAGSYS-5673Fixes and issue in the Transaction scope: drilling down to any node from Level 5 causes the "Drill mode option" dropdown to be missing.
IMAGSYS-5668Fixes an issue causing the following error during an application import "Error Log: ERROR Import: error while remodeling the graph, aborting import error=subobjectswithgraphrefactor: failed to run queries to import sub-objects and refactor the graph: run: error fetching cypher summary for Merge of CAST_HTML5_JavaScript_SourceCode_Fragment into their parents."
IMAGSYS-5400Fixes an issue where attempting to view an object's source code returns the wrong response.
IMAGSYS-5738Fixes an issue where link tooltips remain on the view even when other option buttons are clicked.
IMAGSYS-5853On clicking a link at Level 5 in the Transaction scope, Objects and SubObjects are now displayed to match the current behaviour at Object level. Previously only Objects were displayed.
IMAGSYS-5932Saved view list is updated to show only date. Previously date and time were displayed.
IMAGSYS-5944Fixes an issue in Transaction view, where the numbers on start and end nodes overlapped.
IMAGSYS-5945Fixes an UI issue, where changing the drill mode option broke the UI with Console error.
IMAGSYS-5768Update wbslinker from 1.7.7 to 1.7.9 to support Azure linking from app to app.
IMAGSYS-4925Update wbslinker from 1.7.1 to 1.7.7 to support AWS linking and patch operations.
IMAGSYS-6040This fix ensures that object properties for GDPR/PCI-DSS are correctly handled (searches on these object properties in previous releases were not functioning correctly). As such, if you are actively using search results from GDPR/PCI-DSS object properties, you will need to re-import relevant applications into CAST Imaging..

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
35949Fixes an error where Transactional Reports fail to generate correctly.
36901Fixes an issue where Cobol Data objects are missing when using the Add Linked Objects function in Saved Views.
36557Fixes an issue where some source code cannot be displayed for some links between objects, despite the fact that the source code viewer has been correctly configured and source code can be seen for all objects and some other links.
36933Fixes various issues related to the failure to create App to App exclusion rules in CAST Imaging admin center for links exclusion between objects.
36837Fixes the "failed to get graph data" error when using the module scope with modules containing a large number of objects. See
37415Fixes the "failed to get graph data" error when using the module scope with modules containing a large number of objects. See
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