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See here for more information about the third-party software that is shipped and installed with CAST Imaging.



New "taxonomy" information in Application Info card

The Application Info card now provides "taxonomy" information to show how the various "levels" in the application are classified:

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  • Abstracted Service level (Level 1)
  • Service level (Level 2)
  • Concept level (Level 3)
  • Technology / Framework level (Level 4)
  • Object Type level (Level 5)

New "taxonomy" information in Concept Node properties card

When looking at the properties of a node (item in Levels 1 - 5) it is now possible to see "taxonomy" information to show the parent hierarchy and its child nodes:

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Grouped nodes can now be saved

Nodes that have been manually grouped together using the Group selected nodes option will now be retained as "grouped" when the view is saved:

It is now also possible to view the items that form the grouped node, in the saved view itself: right click the Grouped Node and select Expand child:

There are certain limitations:

  • A grouped node with duplicate name cannot be saved
  • A grouped node cannot be grouped again
  • A grouped node cannot be ungrouped in the saved view

Resolved issues

Internal IDCustomer ticketDescription
IMAGSYS-89318331Imaging - Clicking on a link from Data Call Graph - LEVEL 5 gives objects not part of transaction
IMAGSYS-894-Applications of previously logged-in user flickers for a moment when another user login
IMAGSYS-899-Improper notification message
IMAGSYS-900-Issue with application name on Export - incorrect name.
IMAGSYS-907-Source code viewer not working on some nodes


Resolved issues

Internal IDCustomer ticketDescription
IMAGSYS-881-When Admins logs in again after logout, in user management, instead of list of users in table, 'search users to see' is visible.
IMAGSYS-882-Source code viewer is not functioning at all.
IMAGSYS-883-"Data call graph" option not visible in dropdown when call graph data is not available.
IMAGSYS-884-The level API fails to return level when the user is non-admin.

To update to this maintenance release, follow: Update an existing installation - Microsoft Windows traditional installer.


Resolved issues

Internal IDCustomer ticketDescription
IMAGSYS-79617797Import/Export through powershell script is failing


New User permission management portal

The Admin Center has evolved to include management of User permissions. It is now possible to manage roles (to grant access to the Admin Center) and user permissions (to grant access to Application data). See Admin Center - Users panel for more information:

User role clean up when switching to a new authentication mode

Whenever you switch to a new authentication mode, i.e. from local to Active Directory, or vice-versa, you must run the following batch file to clean up any roles that have been assigned to users in the previous authentication mode. The batch file is located here:


New Data Call Graph option

A new view mode has been added to CAST Imaging providing Data Call Graph views. See User Guide - Data Call Graph scope for more information:

This view mode functions in a similar way to the existing User Guide - Transaction scope

Improvements to node layout

A new icon/options have been added to provide more control over how the nodes are displayed in the view:

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New Application information card

Immediately following login, an Application information card will be displayed, providing the following information about the current Application:

  • Number of Decisions Points (this is the value reported by the metric Number of Decision Points (10506) for the entire application)
  • Lines of Code (this is the value reported by the metric Number of Code Lines (10151) for the entire application)
  • Number of Artifacts (this is the value reported by the metric Number of Artifacts (10152) for the entire application)

This information card can also be accessed using the info icon on the toolbar:

See also User Guide - GUI - Toolbar menu options.

Improvements to search results

When using the standard search feature (see User Guide - Search for items) results display has now been improved. Objects selected for visualization will be displayed together with any links that might exist between them. In previous releases, these links were not displayed:

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Improvements to exported views

When exporting a view in JPG format (see User Guide - Export view options), any comments added to the view and the legend will now be visible in the resulting image file:

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Improvements to the legend

It is now possible to unselect and select all nodes/objects in the view:

Improvements to the source code viewer

Some improvements have been made to the source code viewer:

  • A default colour theme for source code highlighting will be used to display technologies which do not have a specific theme.
  • Line numbers are now highlighted.
  • Bug fixes have bee applied.

See Configure the source code viewer for more information.

Comment box position now persists in saved views

When a comment box is added to a view and then that view is saved, the position of the comment box will persist (i.e. when reloading the saved view, the comment box will be in the same position as when the view was saved).

Improved ETL logs

The readability and accuracy of the logs produced by ETL (the component responsible for managing the import of Application data) have been improved:

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Cosmetic enhancements to the Admin Center

The Admin Center (previously known as App Admin) has undergone various cosmetic changes to improve the user experience:

  • Menu access option changed to Admin Center (from App Admin)
  • Colour and sizing changed

New popup messages for source code configuration

If access to source code is not configured, a popup message will be displayed:

If source code has been configured, but none is available for the current object (typically this is when the object is classed as "external to the application"), a different message will be displayed:

Updates to interactive API documentation

The interactive API documentation has been updated to include information on the new data call graph functionality. All calls featuring the following are new in 1.6.x:


Documentation is available here:


Fixed vulnerable packages

All the node packages which had critical vulnerabilities have been removed or updated to avoid unnecessary data loss and service outages.

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