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See here for more information about the third-party software that is shipped and installed with CAST Imaging.

Release renumbering

Please note that release 1.12 has been renumbered as 2.0. Please see 2.0 for the continuation of the release notes.


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
IMAGSYS-187722795Download objects in Imaging is not working1.7.2
Persist node positioning with respect to comments in saved view1.11.5
Sub Objects level keeps on loading when user drills again to previously selected edge1.12.0-beta3
Remove invalid Level5 nodes1.12.0-beta3
Sub Objects not loading on selecting edge on vignette when user is DCG/transaction/Modules1.12.0-beta3
Toggling between saved views is not removing investigation views related to previous view1.12.0-beta3
Cannot get back to modules view after reloading reloading on methods view1.11.5
Secondary dropdown, export and save icon visible when Source code is open1.11.5
On drill through same node from Level 5 to Object keeps the Object level loading1.11.5


New Linux Docker Installer extension implemented

The Linux Docker Installer provides the Python command line tool for ≥ 1.12.0-beta4 and other items required when:

You can view the latest release notes here: Linux Docker Installer - Release Notes.

The Linux Docker Installer extension replaces the previous method for distributing these tools on GitHub (these are no longer maintained and should not be used).

Improvements to Expand Communities options

  • For certain nodes, there will be package drilldown from Level 5 by default, while for others it remains same behaviour as before i.e. drill to selected node's callers and callers on double click.
  • User can select 'Expand children with their callers and callees' on right click if you user wish to see caller/callers of communities nodes:

  • One more option is added to expand communities:

  • These options can be used to display caller/callees along with children with/without external objects:

  • On further drill-down on packages, caller/callees remain unchanged.
  • Caller/callee nodes are non-clickable.
  • The Save action is not currently permitted (icon is hidden).

Ability to drill down to methods view from communities

Users will now be able to drill down to the Methods view by clicking on an edge in the Communities view to view the sub-objects between two packages:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Edge drill down in Modules and Architecture views

It is now possible to drill down on an edge by double clicking it to display all the children between them:

Configuration option screen

A logged in user can now manage options such as Preferred language, Maximum number of views, Node limit, Edge limit, Enabling and disabling cypher search etc:

Able to add Callers/Callees for multiple selected nodes

Go to objects view, select a few nodes and do a right click on any of the selected nodes. You can see four options in the context menu:

  • Add callers(with count)
  • Add callees(with count)
  • Add 2 levels of callers
  • Add 2 levels of callees

  • Click on Add callers to add the callers of all selected nodes

  • Click on Add callees to add the callees of all selected nodes

  • Click on Add 2 levels of callers to add 2 levels of callers of all selected nodes

  • Click on Add 2 levels of callees to add 2 levels of callees of all selected nodes

  • A toaster message will comes up if the callers/callees are already available

  • A toaster message will comes up if the callers/callees are not available


  • Source code comments are now formatted in the properties tab.

  • Layout for sub-objects is changed to Left to Right layout.

  • Layout for objects in DataCallGraph and Transactions is changed to Hierarchical Top to Bottom layout


  • Search View

    • User can search new objects with existing searched objects on SubObjects view. When user is on search view's SubObject level and searches for more objects, the SubObjects level closes, taking the user back to the Objects level and lets the user add more on existing searched objects.

    • When the graph is cleared atsubObject level, user can clear both subObjects and search Objects providing a completely fresh start.

  •  SubObject Level (Methods Level)
    • Ungrouping on individual nodes and edges, position, layout etc will now persist on investigation from Object level to SubObject level.
    • Legends on SubObjects level are replaced from  SubObject's name by SubObject's type


  •  On Source Code, user will be notified when there will be configuration issue or source is not available.

  • Global search:  Now user won't be navigated to search view on click of search icon in the header section. Rather it will continue to stay on current view and the sidebar will open.

On closing the sidebar it will remain in the current view as before

If we perform some search and click on visualize to see the results then it is navigated to search view.


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
IMAGSYS-1808-Single edges were grouped1.12.0-beta2
  • Legends not working once we add callers/callees.
  • Objects legends are nodes Type. It should be nodes Name.
  • Secondary text not visible. It is visible only on hover.
  • If node name are same in class and object, and user unselect one, both gets unselected.
  • When callers/callee added, classes legends should have callers/callees classes as well
IMAGSYS-1819-Grouping not happening on moving back to Object level of application layer (through previously selected node)1.12.0-beta2
IMAGSYS-1760-Start/End legends visible when user drills to method level and nodes/edges are null1.12.0-beta1

Method tooltip not visible on communities object on first time drill and also on large graph

IMAGSYS-1711-Node selection in the vignette happens in method view even though the drill down is not possible1.12.0-beta1
IMAGSYS-1772-On search view, sometimes force layout breaks1.12.0-beta1
IMAGSYS-1833-Level 5 nodes are coming on object level1.12.0-beta2


Improvements to Expand communities

Imaging will now keep track of the history of the package's that a user has clicked. The user can easily navigate to the previous view by clicking "Shift + double-click". Imaging will also now highlight the expanded packages as shown below:

Click to enlarge

Modules to Method level drill down

User can now drill to the Methods view from Modules object level view:

Click to enlarge

New graph layouts

  • Grid layout: Arranges the nodes in a grid format:

Click to enlarge

  • Radial layout: Radial layout positions nodes around the selected node based on their graph-theoretical distance (shortest path in the graph, connecting them). If there are nodes that are not reachable from the central selected node, they will be pushed outwards, but still placed around the layout in a readable way:

Click to enlarge

BELONGTO links have been removed from the viewable graph for certain expand options, namely:

  • Expanding the lowest level nodes with children, caller, callees, communities, etc.
  • Adding callers and callees.
  • Expanding on edges.

Known Issues

  • Method view - On moving back to the Object level from the Method level, if user tries to investigate again all methods associated to previously selected edge, the method view fails to load.

  • Selecting a different Architecture Model and drilling down into the model and reloading the vignette model show data from the previously selected Architecture Model.
  • On Data Call Graph / Transactions view, when user drills from Level 5 to Object view and then switches between transactions, the drop down to show user which level is selected, is missing.
  • Imaging cannot display the Method view when drilling-down into packages (communities) area: the tooltip information is displayed but it is not possible to click on the tooltip to open the Methods view.
  • When using a Saved view:
    • it is not possible to see the name of the class below the method
    • it is not possible to get caller/get callee/display source code on method objects


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
Updating a saved view with comments would delete all the nodes1.12.0-beta1
In Modules view on click of edge drill-downs to same set of nodes 1.12.0-beta1
Drilling to methods view with no nodes/edges would break the view closing method view1.12.0-beta1
Error in import of properties due to bad escaping of characters in exporter1.12.0-beta1


Change to installation path for Linux

A change has been made in the Linux installation script to change the installation path. In previous releases, the path used was:


From 1.12.0-beta2 this installation path has changed to the following (use of a hyphen/dash instead of an underscore):


Improvements to application data export/import process using Automation Tool

The following improvements have been applied to the Automation tool export and import process:

  • The SCHEMA parameter in the etl_config.json file now accepts an array of schemas on the same CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance that needs to be exported, in addition to the existing single schema option. Where all the schemas from the same CAST Storage Service/PostgreSQL instance need to be extracted, all can be passed as the value for SCHEMA.
  • Logging has been improved - the import action is now logged in addition to the export action (import action was no logged in previous releases).

Improvements to Swagger-UI API documentation

  • The Swagger-UI API documentation is now available with a global authentication option - this is done using an API token. See documentation for more information about how to generate an API token for your login credentials.
  • Documentation is available for each API request.
  • Hostname is now dynamically set from the URL.

Object Properties

A new object property called "Extended Type" has been added to the list of properties:

Click to enlarge

To view this new property in the latest version of Imaging you will need to re-export the Application data (using the export tools bundled with ≥ 1.12.x) and import it into Imaging updating the existing data.

See Export and import the Application data.

Improvements for Methods level

  • It is now possible to view the associated list of methods between two classes by clicking on an edge linking these class nodes. The list of methods is displayed in a floating box.
  • The list of methods can be very large, so the tooltip is limited to only 10 methods.
  • The title section of the floating box will lis the associated methods count.
  • You can navigate directly to the Methods view by clicking on the tooltip:

Click to enlarge

  • When there are no methods, a message is displayed stating: "Direct call, no child relations available between methods to be investigated" - navigation to the Methods view is blocked.

Click to enlarge

  • If a method is calling a class, instead of showing no nodes/edges, Imaging now shows children (isolated nodes) of the associated class with a message stating: "Isolated nodes are calling nodes which are not visible in this view like classes, programs...":

Click to enlarge

New drill down at Object level

To view the new drill down feature at object level in the latest version of Imaging you will need to re-export the Application data (using the export tools bundled with ≥ 1.12.x) and import it into Imaging updating the existing data.

See Export and import the Application data.

A new drill down option has been implemented at Object level for nodes where grouping is done based on packages. Right click on the node where two new options (Expand communities with external objects and Expand communities without external objects) are provided for selected nodes such as Java Class, PostgreSQL, etc.

Click to enlarge

On selecting either of the options, you will be taken to the view where the objects are grouped based on their packages. Further drill-down of the packages can be done with three different options available in the right bottom corner of the screen:

  • Keep Immediate (default option) > Here all the other groups related to the opened group remain in the graph and objects belonging to the opened group will be added to the graph as square nodes and all other groups which are not related to opened group are regrouped into single parent node.

  • Group Others > Here Objects belonging to the opened group are added to the graph as square nodes and all other groups are regrouped into single parent node.

  • Keep All > Here all the other groups remains same where as objects belonging to opened group are added to graph as square nodes.

Clicking an edge will display further information between packages, with the list of methods involved:

You cannot navigate to the Methods view from the package by clicking on the tooltip.

Known Issues

  • DrillDown to C# nodes: An attempt to drill down into a Level5 node of type C# will result in a failure to get graph data.


Resolved issues

Internal IDTicket IDSummaryAffects Version/s
mq objects not available in Imaging1.7.0
IMAGSYS-154721925Deleted objects shown in imaging even though the objects are present in obj.csv and KB1.10.1
Out of memory during the export1.11.1
Error message "Something went wrong" on session time out1.11.0
Remove duplicated from xxx_is_arch_details.csv and xxx_is_mod_detail.csv1.11.3
Callees don't show up on customer VM but do on laptop1.11.3
Missing primary(Layer) dropdown on relogin1.11.0
IMAGSYS-166722407Application import failed in imaging1.11.3
Fix duplicates in aaa_is_obj_extract1.11.0
Transactions including Architecture model not showing after visiting search view1.11.3
IMAGSYS-168922438Bug while navigating through the drop downs menu for the ecommerce application1.11.3
View breaks when we switch from application layer to search view from dropdown1.11.0
IMAGSYS-170722483Deleted links between the modules are shown in imaging1.11.4
On reload in admin page "Please contact admin" message flashes1.11.0


Edge grouping

This is a new edge grouping feature which is applied by default to the object level where we have multiple edges between 2 nodes. It groups all the edges between 2 nodes in the same direction to a single edge with a label which is a concatenation of all the edge labels. Edge grouping can be toggled from the left menu:

Before edge grouping

After edge grouping

Improvements in admin section

Search in Add and Remove Applications

It is now possible to search applications in the Add Applications list and Remove Applications list:

Click to enlarge

Display status of selected applications when using Add applications

When using the Add Application option and after having uploaded a set of Application data, the status of the Application will be visible in the black button:

  • Update > Selected application(s) exist already in Imaging and will therefore be updated.
  • Import/Update > Selected application(s) include some that exist already in Imaging and will therefore be updated and some that do not exist in Imaging and will therefore be imported as new.
  • Import > Selected application(s) do not exist in Imaging and will therefore be imported as new.

Click to enlarge

Object properties

The Object info option (right click a node) will now list additional technical properties about the object such as:

  • mutability
  • inherited class
  • mapping-strategy
  • polymorphism
  • table name
  • etc.

Click to enlarge

To see the new Object properties, the application should be exported with the latest exporter ( 1.12.0) and re-imported into Imaging  1.12.0.

New Methods drill down view available

To view the new Methods drill down in the latest version of Imaging you will need to re-export the Application data (using the export tools bundled with ≥ 1.12.x) and import it into Imaging updating the existing data.

See Export and import the Application data.

It is now possible to drill down to a new "method view". This special view shows all the methods that are linked between classes and provides additional actions such as:

  • View source code
  • method info
  • add caller/callees.

At Object level, Clicking on an edge between classes will show a tooltip with the list of methods involved. Classes with no related methods will have a tooltip with the message "No associated relationship". The tooltip displays two types of relationship information: 

  • Methods calling Methods
  • Objects/Classes calling Methods (and vice-versa)

Click to enlarge

Double clicking an edge between classes where methods are involved, will navigate direct to the new "method view". The method view will contain the methods, its related methods and the classes those do not have any methods but are linked by the other methods. The vignette on this view shows Object level nodes/edges:

Click to enlarge

Right clicking a method node now shows a new menu with several actions available:

  • Add callers
  • Add callees
  • Add 2 levels of callers
  • Add 2 levels of callees
  • Show source code
  • Object info

Click to enlarge


Enable tags in saved view (only for objects )

Custom tags have now been enabled in Saved views, but only at Object node level and not at Level view nodes. The Tag icon is now enabled in the left panel when working in a Saved view. A warning message is displayed when attempting to create tags in a Saved view at Level view.

Custom tags enabled for saved view in the left panel:

Click to enlarge

Select a node and click on the custom Tag icon and type a name of the tag:

Click to enlarge

Click Save to save the tag:

Click to enlarge

Warning displayed on selecting the level view nodes in a Saved view and clicking on custom Tag icon:

Click to enlarge

Warning displayed on selecting a grouped nodes(or a grouped and ungrouped nodes) in a Saved view and clicking on custom Tag icon:

Click to enlarge

Improvement to create view work flow

It is now possible to create views in a work flow:

  • Successive views can now be created only from the recently created view.
  • Views can only be deleted starting from most recently created view to the first created view.
  • Drill down to new "Methods view" is not allowed in Search view if the user is in the middle of an investigation. To drill down, clear all the views that are created.
  • Views can be toggled by clicking anywhere on the vignette.
  • Recently created views will always display the selected nodes in the vignette of that view. And all the other views will display the contents of the view which is one level above it.

When attempting to create a view from a view other than recently created view, the warning below is displayed:

Click to enlarge

When attempting to drill down to a method view in the middle of an investigation the warning below is shown:

Click to enlarge

It is only possible to delete the most recently created view by clicking on the cross icon in the top right of the canvas:

Click to enlarge


Display caller/callee count

New right click contextual menus have been added at Object level to display the number of callers and callees available for a particular object as "Add Caller" and "Add Callee". The caller / callee count is displayed within the [ ] beside Add Callers and Add Callee options in the contextual menu:

Objects and methods linked by a BELONGTO relationship will not be included in this feature.

Export data from one CAST Imaging instance and import into another

If you have multiple CAST Imaging instances and would like to be able to export application data from one Imaging and import it into another, you can do so as described in Export data from one CAST Imaging instance and import into another. This feature is mainly aimed at supporting pilots and assessments and also for System Integrators who support Imaging for multiple customers.

Please remember that this feature should not be confused with Export and import the Application data which is the process used to transfer application data from CAST AIP into CAST Imaging.

New Level 5 Nodes 

Due to the new methods export in 1.12, it is normal to see new Level5 nodes.

Known issues

  • Modules/Architectural Level: Drill down to methods view is "in progress". User will be able to view tooltip on hover on object links, but drill down by double click on links will yield no data.

  • Methods Level: In the methods view, node selection is not possible on vignette. Currently, user will see highlight css whenever user selects any node, though no action will be made on user's selection. This highlight will be removed in future versions.
  • Objects Level: You may see some situations where an object is linked to another object by a BELONGSTO link in the Objects level view. The source of these links are meant to portray methods, and will not be visible in the Objects view in a future version of Imaging. This is also why we do not consider these links when displaying the count of callers/callees on a right-click of an object/method node.

  • Error on double-clicking a Level5 node: You may face errors when drilling down into Level5 nodes containing some special characters.

  • 'No Nodes Available' message on expanding an edge with methods tooltip: In the Object view, on investigating the methods via the tooltip, you may see instances where the object/class itself is calling a method or vice-versa. You can verify this if the tooltip contains the same name as the object. If that is the sole entry in the tooltip, or all the entries are of that similar nature, expanding the link may give you a No Nodes Available message. This is because we do not display objects/classes in the drilled down methods view. In the methods view, only those objects/classes will be displayed that do not contain any methods (eg. Tables).
  • Transactions/DTG Level: There is an issue where on hover on links on method level, the tooltip with related methods are visible. This will be removed.  
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