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The informational material contained in this section is provided as a courtesy for use by CAST’s clients. The material in this section is not considered part of any CAST product’s official Documentation. CAST does not warrant that the information is current or that it addresses all potential issues. Licensing details are documented on this page:

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Entry Criteria:

  1. Errors/warning/alerts are encountered in the CAST tools (DMT, CMS, Enlighten, TCC)
  2. Global Application Intelligence Center (GAIC) troubleshooting guide

Process Steps:

  1. When an error or warning is encountered:
    1. Refer to the GAIC troubleshooting guide for CAST tools which gives information about:
      1. Which errors/warnings/alerts can be ignored?
    2. Remediation, resolution, and workaround details
      1. Refer to Technical Knowledge Base (TKB) for known issues and limitations
      2. Refer to Zendesk for similar issues faced
      3. Raise a Support ticket
      4. Consult Product Management (PMT) or the Research and Development (R&D) team
      5. Consult SME if recommended by Support or PMT

Exit Criteria:

  1. Verify if the above steps have solved the issue

Deliverable Outcomes:

  1. All errors, warnings and alerts are remediated

Best Practices:

  1. Refer to the Zendesk for Solution Delivery best practices
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