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The informational material contained in this section is provided as a courtesy for use by CAST’s clients. The material in this section is not considered part of any CAST product’s official Documentation. CAST does not warrant that the information is current or that it addresses all potential issues. Licensing details are documented on this page:

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2-0 -  

The aim of the Technical Survey document is for the application SME to capture technical and non-technical information about an application.  

The following different formats are currently used to capture varying degrees of detail as applicable to the engagement. The completed document is used by the CAST Administrator during Qualification and Source Code Delivery phases as detailed at this link Prepare and deliver the source code, and also for the Analysis Configuration phase as detailed at this link eBlue Print - Analysis Configuration and Execution.

For a full list of supported technologies use the link Covered Technologies

Technical Survey - Essential

This document is used to primarily capture high-level technical and non-technical information about an application. I

Technical Survey - Complete

This document is used to capture detailed technical and non-technical information about an application. This document captures the application architectural and code information which otherwise would be captured separately by the Architecture Context Diagram and Transaction Code Flow documents. It also contains some cloud readiness information.

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