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The informational material contained in this section is provided as a courtesy for use by CAST’s clients. The material in this section is not considered part of any CAST product’s official Documentation. CAST does not warrant that the information is current or that it addresses all potential issues. Licensing details are documented on this page:

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Overall security measures

CAST cares a great deal about security.

Since 2015, CAST has maintained ISO 27001 certification for the following activities:-

  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Release management
  • Operating and Facilities management

All developers are trained in secure development practices

All software and services are regularly assessed (penetration test and audit code) by third party specialists

Keeping customer source code secure

CAST does provide a managed service that can optionally be run on CAST internal infrastructure. If a customer uses this service, they can be reassured from a security perspective that:-

  • Customer source code is encrypted in transfer and in storage (sftp or https) and transferred through a secure web application that has been assessed (code audit and penetration test) by a third party
  • File servers run in ‘blind’ mode so uploaded files cannot be seen. In addition, immediately after upload, files are automatically transferred to an internal server behind the firewall. So, even if a customer accidentally shares the account login, source code cannot be copied from the server by a third party
  • Customer data, such as database content, is never requested or needed for an analysis. Only information on database structure and table size
  • The account used to upload customer source is protected by a strong auto-generated password and created specifically for the duration of each customer project, which limits the risk of leaks
  • During the analysis, customer source code is stored on a dedicated secure server with strictly managed access control
  • Access to the dashboard with the analysis results is limited in time and restricted to registered accounts, and can furthermore be limited to IP addresses, or controlled via LDAP or SAML as requested by customers
  • At the end of a project, customer data is deleted through a secured wipe tool (DOD 5220.22-M compliant)

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