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New Features

Bundle template filtering/customizationThe following template options have been added to the command: "bundle template add" command, -s | --latest-stable, -a | --absolute-latest, -f | --latest-funcrel, -l | --latest-lts. See
Proxy configuration commandA more feature complete proxy server configuration command (ExtendCli.exe config proxy [--options]) has been added allowing the use of bypass on local, bypass lists, windows default credential support and domain based authentication. See

Feature Improvements

Improved securityEncryption protocols have been updated to further secure user APIkeys and proxy settings to ensure stability.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
EXTENDCLI-30Improved general stability. AES256 will be adopted instead of Rijndael encryption.

Resolved Issues

Customer Ticket IdDetails
39174Fixed an issue that could cause proxy configurations to not function as intended.
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