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Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
EXTOFFLINE-39Fixed an issue that occurred when attempting to install an extension that does not have a dependence on AIP Core.


New Features

Install commandAn "install" command has been added in order to download extensions from CAST Extend to the local machine.
Uninstall commandAn "uninstall" command has been added in order to remove downloaded extensions from the local machine.
Product extension bundleAdded an option that allows the addition of all production extensions when creating a bundle via the command "ExtendCli.exe bundle template add product".

Feature Improvements

Download command output path improvementWhen using the command "ExtendCli.exe bundle download -o | --outdir "<path>"", it is no longer necessary to use a pre-existing folder as an output folder. Now, if the specified folder does not exist, it will be created.

Other Updates

Internal IdDetails
EXTOFFLINE-34Three new dynamic bundle templates IDs have been implemented: "product", "labs" and "community". Note that "product" replaces the existing "1" ID which is now deprecated. All other existing IDs are unchanged.

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