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This component provides CAST's Extend system ( as an "offline" component which can be installed as an on-premises solution and is designed to be used in the following situations:

CAST Extend Proxy:

  • should only be installed once per organization
  • can be installed only on Windows servers

What is the difference with CAST Extend Offline?

At first glance, this component is very similar to CAST Extend Offline, however, CAST Extend Proxy has one major difference: it is configured to connect to CAST's Extend system ( to fetch extensions over the public internet (all other functionality provided in CAST Extend Offline is included in CAST Extend Proxy):

What is the use case for CAST Extend Proxy?

  • CAST Extend Proxy acts as an "intermediary" placed in between AIP Console (or Extension Downloader) and CAST's Extend system ( where public internet access is not available to AIP Console (or Extension Downloader) or needs to be restricted.
  • CAST Extend Proxy will automatically download and store any extension requested by AIP Console (or Extension Downloader) from CAST's Extend system ( if the extension does not already exist within the CAST Extend Proxy storage.
  • Extensions can be manually uploaded to CAST Extend Proxy if required - see Update CAST Extend Proxy with new content.

Note that:

  • CAST Extend Proxy should only be installed once per organization
  • can be installed only on Microsoft Windows

Detailed workflow and benefits

When a connection to CAST's Extend system ( is available (online mode), CAST Extend Proxy:

  • will connect every two hours a day to fetch the extension "manifest" from CAST Extend - i.e. information that AIP Console requires in order to request the correct extension (this can also be run manually in AIP Console - see Administration Center - Settings - CAST Extend):
    • available extensions
    • available releases
    • technology to extension mappings
  • will download extensions from CAST Extend only if required: download is only triggered when extensions are not already present in the CAST Extend Proxy storage. Installation of required extensions for an analysis will therefore be much faster when extensions are already available in CAST Extend Proxy storage.

When a connection to CAST's Extend system ( is unavailable (offline mode) i.e. expired maintenance date or not reachable due to network issues:

  • if the required extensions are already present in CAST Extend Proxy storage (already downloaded previously from CAST Extend, or manually uploaded), AIP Console will be able to continue the analysis/snapshot process without interruption


See CAST Extend Proxy - Prerequisites.



Update content

See Update CAST Extend Proxy with new content.

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