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Summary: This document provides information about changes and new features introduced in this release.

Bug Fix List

The following bugs have been fixed in this release of the JEE Analyzer extension:

Internal ID
Call ID

JEE framework related QR "Use only Hibernate API to access to the database" should be activated only on Hibernate based project


JEE framework related QR " Pages should use error handling page" must be resilient to module configuration



Java Rule "Persistent classes should Implement hashCode() and equals()" should not apply to abstract clas


JEE analyzer crashes when analyzing a child Java class using its parent 'this' inside its constructor


Struts with Spring Beans - cannot resolve java class 'customerAction'


Struts 1.1 - Global forwards not resolved


Unable to process JEE analysis, error in project



Struts mapping with a suffix like perform not supported


CASTONCAST: JEE Analysis fails with "JAVA049: Classpath entry can not be resolved as a valid archive"

Changes in results post upgrade

When upgrading to JEE Analyzer 1.0.2 and following the generation of a post upgrade snapshot on the same source code, results may be impacted as follows:

Struts related bug fixes

The bug fixes for Struts issues (JFAMILY-568, JFAMILY-571 and JFAMILY-596 listed above) will produce additional links between objects (were missing in previous releases), which will improve the accuracy of transaction computation. 

Quality Rule related bug fixes

The bug fixes for Quality Rules (JFAMILY-79, JFAMILY-82 and JFAMILY-114 listed above) will provide more accurate results on reported violations. Some changes in Quality Rule grades can be observed.


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