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Summary: Information about the Dashboard Service Partitioner, a tool designed to improve performance when interacting with the data store in a Dashboard Service schema.

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What's new?

See  Dashboard Service Partitioner - Release Notes - 1.1 for more information.

What is the Dashboard Service Partitioner?

The Dashboard Service Partitioner is a tool designed to improve the performance of your Dashboard Service schema. It should typically be installed when more than 50 snapshots have been generated - with this number of snapshots stored in the schema, the volume of associated data can become quite large and therefore the time taken to query and manage this data (i.e. during a snapshot generation) can start to become problematic.

The tool splits various Dashboard Service tables (which store the snapshot data) into several partitions, each containing a maximum of 10 snapshots. This split is designed to improve performance when interacting with the data in the Dashboard Service schema - instead of all the data in all snapshots having to be managed, only a subset (i.e. a maximum of 10) needs to be handled. On average, performance improvements of approximately 20% (time taken to generate the snapshot) are possible when this tool is installed.

When the extension is installed (either in AIP Console or in CAST Server Manager), an executable JAR will be placed at the root of your AIP Core installation - this JAR is then automatically executed every time a snapshot is generated and performs the required actions. The split action is seamless and does not require any end-user intervention.


(tick)Only compatible with Dashboard Service schemas hosted on CAST Storage Service ≥ 4.x or PostgreSQL ≥ 13.
(tick)Only compatible with AIP Core ≥ 8.3.32.

Download and installation instructions

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