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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in the CAST Report Generator 1.3.x.

New components added for PowerPoint/Word format

TEXT items:

    • This new bloc will display the url to access to your CED Dashboard
    • Sum of added, modified and deleted EFP
    • Get the Report Generator version

TABLE items:

    • List of all snapshot name and associated date
    • List of critical violations by health factor including added/removed
  • New option (NOSIZE) for TECHNO_LOC table
  • IFPUG_FUNCTIONS (mainly for Excel output - see Using the Excel output options)
    • Get a list of transactional functions and/or data functions

    • Get the list of artifacts with violations to critical rules for business criterion

New features

  • Excel support > Report Generator can now generate Excel documents with all existing components already available in PowerPoint or Word Templates.
  • Localization > Headers and labels produced by Report Generator are now translated. The GUI also supports localization. Supported languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish

Resolved issues

  • "Total checks", "Failed checks" and "Failed checks on total violations": documentation of these blocks in the provided Templates indicates a default “Rule ID” value which was not implemented, and failure to provide a “Rule ID” for these blocks would prevent the whole generation process. The program has been fixed with default "Rule ID" implemented according to documentation
  • Inline text blocks: a bug in Report Generator would prevent generation of inline text block (i.e. text blocks embedded in a sentence without any specific formatting: the original implementation always expected the text block to be accompanied by style information). The program has been fixed to handle text block regardless of absence/presence of style information.
  • Deletion of unnecessary columns in PowerPoint tables: when creating a table block in a PowerPoint template, Report Generator will populate columns with data from RestAPI and will create new columns as necessary, if the RestAPI provides more information. But if the Rest API returns less information, the unnecessary columns would remain in the final report. (eg: template allows for 4 columns, but RestAPI data can only fill 3 columns). Extra columns are now deleted.
  • For TECHNO_LOC_EVOLUTION bloc, issue correction when technology disappears or appears between two snapshots
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