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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in CAST Report Generator 1.22.x.

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Compatibility matrix

This release of Report Generator GUI and for Report Generator for Dashboards functions with the following:

CAST RestAPI≥ 1.12.xMandatory
MIPS Reduction Index≥ 20200518

These extensions are required for Compliance Report generation. Depending on what "standard" you are targeting in your Compliance Report, you can install a combination of extensions:

  • To generate Compliance Reports for MIPS standards, you MUST always install the MIPS Reduction Index extension.
  • To generate Compliance Reports for CISQ, ISO-5055 and OWASP standards, you can install either the CISQ, ISO-5055 and OWASP extensions or the Quality Standards Mapping extension. If both the CISQ, ISO-5055 and OWASP extensions and the Quality Standards Mapping extension are installed, data is automatically taken from the CISQ, ISO-5055 and OWASP extensions at all times.
If you are using CAST AIP Console ≥ 1.14.0, the Quality Standards Mapping extension is installed with all new source code versions, however, you should ensure that the correct release of the extension is used.
CISQ Index≥ 20200518
ISO-5055 Index≥ 20210408


≥ 20200518
OWASP Index≥ 20200518
Quality Standards Mapping extension≥ 20200929
.NET Core SDK3.1.x

Component documentation


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