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Summary: this page describes the new features and bugs that have been fixed in CAST Report Generator 1.14.x.

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VersionSummary of contentComments
  • .NET Core SDK 3.1.x required
  • New and updated report templates for:
    • OWASP (updated and new)
    • C-CPP (new)
    • PCI-DSS-V3.2.1 (new)

Can be used with:

  • CAST-RESTAPI ≥ 1.12.x

Component documentation


Resolved issues

No customer bugs reported for fix in this release.


.NET Core 3.1.x SDK required

This release of Report Generator and Report Generator for Dashboards require a manual installation of .NET Core 3.1.x SDK (minimum). .NET Core 3.1.x SDK is an LTS release and will be supported by Microsoft for longer.

ApplicationMinimum SDK required?Notes
Report Generator GUI.NET Core 3.1.x SDK

The .NET Core 3.1.x SDK should be manually installed BEFORE or AFTER running the Report Generator setup installer (the setup installer will not install this for you). See CAST Report Generator - Installation process for more details.

Report Generator for Dashboards

Previous releases of Report Generator for Dashboards required the .NET Core runtime. To avoid confusion, both Report Generator GUI and Dashboards will now require the SDK. See CAST Report Generator - CAST Report Generator for Dashboards for more details.

Note that if Report Generator GUI does not launch, or a .NET error message is displayed when attempting to launch it, this usually means that the required release of .NET Core is not installed on the machine (either nothing is installed at all, or the wrong type is installed e.g. runtime vs SDK).

Template updates

See also Components documentation for Report Generator 1.14.0 for more information about template changes and requirements.

New templates

All new templates require Quality Standards Mapping extension v.  20200302, and CAST-RESTAPI ≥ 1.12.0.
  • C-CPP Standards Compliance Report.docx
  • C-CPP StandardDetailed Report.docx
  • C-CPP StandardFull Detailed Report.xlsx
  • OWASP-API-2019 Compliance Report.docx
  • OWASP-API-2019 Detailed Report.docx
  • OWASP-API-2019 Full Detailed Report.xlsx
  • PCI-DSS-V3.2.1 ComplianceReport.docx
  • PCI-DSS-V3.2.1 Detailed Report.docx
  • PCI-DSS-V3.2.1 Full Detailed Report.xlsx

Updated templates

  • OWASP-2013 Compliance Report.docx
  • OWASP-2013 Detailed Report.docx
  • OWASP-2017 Compliance Report.docx
  • OWASP-2017 Detailed Report.docx
  • OWASP-Mobile-2016 Compliance Report.docx
  • OWASP-Mobile-2016 Detailed Report.docx
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