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This section provides a detailed description of the contents of the General panel in the CAST Oracle Forms Extractor.

This panel enables you to define the input parameters for the extraction process. Each item is explained in more detail below:

VerboseBy default this option is set to TRUE. When set to true, the log (see Log panel) will contain information about the time taken to perform each specific action in milliseconds. This increases the size of the log, but is useful for troubleshooting.

This field is automatically set to Forms.

Forms Root Path
Enter the location of the folder that contains your Oracle Forms source code files - or use the browse button to locate the folder you require. This can be a network location or a folder on your local machine. The following file types will be taken into account:

Oracle Forms

  • .fmb
  • .olb
  • .mmb
  • .pll

Note that if you have already run an extraction and delivered/analyzed the results and you subsequently decide to perform another code extraction (because your source code has changed since the last analysis) you should be aware of the following:

  • if the location of the source code is different to the location used in the previous extraction, the analysis results will reflect this: the objects will be recorded as deleted and then added. This is due to the fact that the source code root path is used to form the GUID for each Forms/Reports object, therefore when the root path changes, the GUID of the object will change resulting in objects being recorded as deleted and then added.
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