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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

The CAST Discovery Portal is part of the CAST Application Intelligence Platform and is a browser-based portal that provides a variety of technical "DNA type" information about a company's applications.

As with the classic GUI based CAST solutions, it is possible to access a range of user functions via the Discovery Portal web interface:

  • Portfolio > a browser showing the hierarchical portfolio that you created in the CAST Management Studio
  • User Project > a browser similar to the browser used in CAST Enlighten - select User Projects and objects stored in the Analysis Service, view sub and parent objects, object information (name, full name, type etc.), view object descriptions (number of lines of code/comments), see linked objects (escalated and standard) and produce a Call Graph to show the number of objects calling and/or called by the selected object.
  • Graphical Views > this allows you to navigate through the model (saved Graphical Views) hierarchy, and display any models that have previously been created and saved with CAST Enlighten.
  • Domains > this allows you to navigate through the Functional Domain structure created with CAST Enlighten.
  • Reports > allows you to insert your own static HTML pages and access them through a browser

How does it work?

  • The CAST Discovery Portal is installed on a supported application server and interacts with the Analysis Service/Dashboard Service to display the required information
  • The information supplied by the portal is derived from the results of client and server language analyses that are provided by the CAST Analyzers (via the CAST Management Studio) and (optionally) Graphical Views created by users using CAST Enlighten
  • Users can access the information via a standard Web browser

Briefly, the following steps have to occur before data can be viewed with CAST Discovery Portal:

Information production

  • CAST Analyzers are run to populate the Analysis Service with information - via the CAST Management Studio
  • Users may enrich this initial content with Graphical Views - via CAST Enlighten

This process can be seen in the following diagram:

Information consumption

  • application server interacts with the Analysis Service to feed data to the CAST Discovery Portal
  • Users access the CAST Discovery Portal information via a supported web browser - no applications need to be installed on the user's workstation

This is shown below:

Interaction with the CAST Engineering Dashboard

The CAST Discovery Portal is closely associated with the CAST Engineering Dashboard (please see the CAST Engineering Dashboard - CED for more information) and is, in fact, delivered in the same web archive (WAR). Some aspects of the CAST Discovery Portal can be directly accessed from the CAST Engineering Dashboard and vice-versa as shown below, however the CAST Discovery Portal is a fully functional standalone portal:

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