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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

The Discovery Portal provides a search feature that enables you to search for any object or specific server object (does not include Reports defined and displayed in the Report Browser).

Accessing the Search option

The search feature is located in the top left of the main Discovery Portal interface in the Search Engine drop down menu:

To use the search feature:

  • Enter a search string
  • Chose a filter if required (by default "Any Object" will be selected)
  • Click Search
  • Any objects stored in the Knowledge Base that match the search string will be displayed in the main screen.


  • You can use a "joker" character (%) to replace any other character (equivalent to * in DOS mode). For example, searching for Table% is equivalent to searching for Table* in DOS mode
  • There is no character equivalent to the ? character in DOS mode
  • Use the cross icon to close the menu
  • When choosing a filter, the following options will always be available regardless of the technology you have analyzed (i.e. no other object types will ever be listed):
    • Any Object (default and recommended option)
    • All Tables
    • All Views
    • All Stored Procedures
    • All Triggers
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