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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

The Reports option allows you to view your own static HTML pages - for example you could insert local instructions you want to display to your Discovery Portal users or your own HTML based reports that are dynamically updated via other means (for example using CAST Report Center from the command line on a scheduled basis).

Some sample reports are provided for illustration purposes (Duwamish Documentation).

Reports Browser

The left hand Report Browser displays the list of static reports stored in the CAST Discovery Portal web application structure on your J2EE compliant application server:

Selecting an item will:

  • Display Detailed Information about the static report in the right hand Report Details section as shown below (the example below shows the sample reports). This is effectively showing the contents of the corresponding HTML file for the report:

Inserting static reports/pages

The Report Browser enables you to display your own static HTML pages or reports. Inserting static HTML pages or reports into the Discovery Portal system is fairly simple:

  • Create the pages you want to display
  • If you have several pages you want to display, CAST recommends that you place them in a folder to avoid confusion
  • Copy and paste the folder and all its files to the following location (see your CAST Administrator for more information about the location of %CATALINA_HOME%):
  • To plug in your files, you need to locate and open the following file with Notepad or any other text based editor:
  • If (for example) your folder is called "TEST" and contains three files called "TEST1.htm", "TEST2.htm" and "TEST3.htm", add the following lines to the XML file:
<MTN title="TEST" nodeType="node" type="none" tocPath="msdnce-0" hal="en-us" state="open">
   <MTN title="TEST1" nodeType="leaf" type="none" ref="reports/TEST/TEST1.htm" hal="en-us"/>
   <MTN title="TEST2" nodeType="leaf" type="none" ref="reports/TEST/TEST2.htm" hal="en-us"/>
   <MTN title="TEST3" nodeType="leaf" type="none" ref="reports/TEST/TEST3.htm" hal="en-us"/>
  • The first line corresponds to the folder name and is also used to display the node item in the left hand Report Browser. The other lines correspond to the individual files you want to display. These lines MUST be inserted between the following tags (indicated by the "..."):
  • Save the file:
%CATALINA_HOME%\webapps\CASTAD\reports\static_menu.xml file.
  • Refresh the Report Browser page (F5 in your browser). This will result in a left hand Report Browser as follows:


  • The "title" and "ref" attributes as shown in the code above need to be changed according to the titles and file names you want to display in the left hand Report Browser.
  • The "title" attribute can be anything you like (it does not have to be the same as the folder/file name as shown in the example above).
  • Please note that if your J2EE compliant application server is case-sensitive, you must make sure that the paths you insert in the .xml file correspond exactly with your file and folder names (for example, if you have a folder named "TEST" you must write "TEST" in the path - writing "test" will cause a "file not found" error).
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