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This documentation is no longer maintained and may contain obsolete information.

This Portfolio option enables you to view the Applications as configured by the CAST Administrator using the CAST Management Studio.

Object Browser

The left hand Object Browser displays Systems, Applications and Modules:

Selecting an item will:

  • Expand the item to display any sub items (for example in the case of a Module, this will display any jobs and/or projects that have been analyzed and stored in the Analysis Service).
  • Display a Quantity Metrics Summary for a selected System or Application and display Object Information, Object Descriptions, Quantity Metrics Summary, Linked Objects and Call Graph (for Modules and objects)

Note also that subset projects (database objects used by client source code) are not displayed in the Object Browser (they are present and visible in CAST Enlighten).

Quantity Metrics Summary

When selecting an item in the browser (a System or Application), quantity based information about the selected item will be displayed to the right:

This information is derived using CAST's quantity metrics and provides a basic overview of what each item contains.

Object Information, Object Descriptions, Linked Objects and Call Graph

See the information in Using the User Project option for more details about the data displayed when selecting a Module or object.

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